Mother's Day Framed Art Gift Ideas

Need Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? 4 Gorgeous Art Looks Mom Will Love

Are you looking for a selection of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas? This year, say I LOVE YOU with fabulous (and timeless) artwork from the community of independent artists at Minted. These 4 gorgeous art looks will brighten any room in her home (and of course, will brighten her special day!).

The title of each piece is listed and linked for easy purchase. If you’re going to Shop the Look, I’ve added all the details you need to include before clicking “Add to Cart” (such as the size, framing, and border). Worried that a particular size won’t work for your wall? All fine art prints from Minted are available in multiple sizes and with multiple frame selections to fit your unique space! A few frame selections listed below are close approximations of the framing shown in the image. But don’t worry, the overall feel will be the same!

A quick reminder: This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation (at no additional charge to you!) if you make any purchases after clicking on these links. Thank you for shopping small and supporting an independently owned business – Lauren Heller Art Consultant! 

1. The Dining Room

Because every dining space needs a standout work of art even if it’s just to celebrate Taco Tuesday. The fact that it’s a weeknight and you all managed to sit down together? PRICELESS.

A large abstracted seascape with soft blue hues is displayed in a clean white frame in this relaxed dining area.
Don’t be afraid to go BIG with a piece of statement art! In this dining room, the large scale of Divinity Landscape is eye-catching. And thanks to a palette of soft blues, it doesn’t overpower this casual eating space.

Shop the Look:

Divinity Landscape by Julia Contacessi
Size: 54×40 in.
Frame: White Wood Frame (under Classic)
Borders & Matting: Matted

2. The Front Entryway

Oh front entryway. Mom tries so hard to keep you organized. Yet, somehow, you still manage to be the spot where shoes, coats, keys, and sporting equipment collect in piles. It’s time to give this space some much needed love. Let’s draw the eye upwards with some fab artwork (and make it a place Mom actually looks forward to seeing while corralling the entire family out the door!).

The wall in a bright front entryway displays three framed art prints above a wooden bench.
This gorgeous front entryway uses three framed art prints to draw the eye upwards (and away from the floor where shoes and bags may be stashed).

Shop the Look:

Out to Sea by Jess Franks
Size: 30×40 in.
Frame: Whitewashed Herringbone (under Classic)
Borders & Matting: Matted

Island Wildflowers No. 3 by Kiana Mosley
Size: 24×24 in.
Frame: Gilded Wood Frame (under Speciality)
Borders & Matting: Standard

Open Crazy Late by Paper Raven Co.
Size: 16×16 in.
Frame: Whitewashed French Farmhouse (under Classic)
Color: Black
Borders & Matting: Standard

3. Over Her Dresser

Let’s beautify this little space where Mom starts each day. These gold frames are so chic and glamorous… which is exactly what Mom needs to see after successfully navigating the family through a round of the stomach flu. Bonus points if you add a pretty tray for her jewelry, a lovely scented candle to clear her mind, and a succulent that requires very little maintenance.

Two colorful modern art prints are framed in matching gold frames, creating an elegant look over this console.
Sophisticated gold framing creates an elegant look over this console that Mom will love.

Shop the Look:

Modern Abstract Floral Art Print by Caryn Owen
Size: 18×24 in.
Frame: Matte Brass (under Specialty)
Borders & Matting: Matted

Glimmer by Lindsay Megahed
Size: 18×24 in.
Frame: Matte Brass (under Specialty)
Borders & Matting: Matted

4. The Home Office

Because she is Mom of House Getting Things Done, First of Her Name, the Schedule Keeper, Queen of Doctor’s Appointments, Khaleesi of Sports Practice, Maker of Bake Sale Goods, Distributor of Signed Permission Slips, and Mother to Awesome Kids. From where does she rule her domaine? The home office! So let’s give her something more interesting to look at than just the family calendar. Tropical vibes to remind her of an upcoming family vacay? Yes. Please.

A bright piece of tropical art stands out in this modern and minimalistic office space with white furniture and accessories.
A gorgeous piece of art can transform a home office into an inspiring and elegant work space.

Shop the Look:

Tropic Like It’s Hot by Rachel Roe
Size: 24×24 in.
Frame: Matte Brass (under Specialty)
Borders & Matting: Matted





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