Fantastic Florals

This client had just finished a stunning renovation and addition to their home in Silver Spring, MD. Several walls in the spacious addition were the perfect location for new statement artwork. The first area that we concentrated on was a wall in their open-concept kitchen, which has an incredible sightline. We wanted to find something bright and cheerful that would welcome guests into the home. I sourced a beautiful contemporary floral painting that has a fabulous palette of colors, as well as visually interesting drips and other painterly details. On a nearby wall, we selected a mixed media paper collage with a gold custom frame to complement other touches of gold in the space. Next, we added three works by a local impressionist painter, bringing bright pops of color to the primary bedroom and a wall by the front door. Lastly, I created a gallery wall of meaningful photographs and wall decor items, including an original painting that the client owned, to hang above the living room sofa.