Three pieces of art work displayed on conference walls by the conference door and across from conference table and chairs

Client Project: How Office Artwork Can Elevate Your Work Environment

Set the Tone with Office Artwork

You only have one chance to make a great first impression and this is especially important for your business!  I was contacted recently by an investment advisory team located in downtown Bethesda, MD.  They had just formed their own company and had moved into brand new, customizable office space.  They picked out paint colors, carpeting, and office furniture.  Soon the space had a soothing palette of light blue, sea mist gray, and leafy green.  The only problem:  the more finishes they checked off their to do list, the more empty the office’s walls started to look!  They needed thoughtfully chosen and well-placed office artwork to set the tone for their new business.

Prioritizing the Conference Room

The clients wanted to prioritize their new conference room.  This space is where meetings with clients would occur and thus needed to look welcoming and polished. The wall at the head of the conference table showcased a flatscreen TV for presentations and video conference calls. The adjoining wall, however, was perfect for a feature piece. The company’s title and logo evoke the nearby Potomac River and the team liked the idea of having the artwork in the common space reflect natural elements and in particular, river imagery.


Creating a Focal Point

Researching on-line, I soon discovered Glass River by Stephanie Goos Johnson.  Glass River is a limited edition fine art print and as such, would be accompanied by a certificate that notes the artist and the number of prints in the edition. The piece could also be printed in the large size that the space needed, in this case 30×40 in. We wanted a full bleed of the image, meaning that the artwork would extend to the edge of the paper. I then chose a beautiful distressed charcoal frame to compliment the image and the setting in which it would be viewed. Finally, I chose UV plexiglass for this particular piece as it hangs directly across from a wall of windows. This type of plexi will protect the colors from fading due to longterm sunlight exposure (Thinking about framing?  Read more about about what to consider in my blog post How to Choose Framing for Your Artwork).


Choosing the Perfect Complementary Pieces

The wall opposite the flatscreen television also needed visual interest.  After choosing a landscape for the initial piece, I loved the idea of complimenting Glass River with abstract work.  Furthermore, instead of horizontal, this time I wanted to ideally find two vertical mates, or pieces from the same series.  My answer came when I spotted Julia Contacessi’s Pressed No. 1 and Pressed No. 3.  These are also limited edition fine art prints and I was able to have them finished in the same distressed charcoal framing.  The dark framing really helped define the pieces against the light gray wall and it created a sense of continuity throughout the space.


The Right Size Artwork for a Small Space

Finally, there was one more small space that needed attention: a tiny nook where the water cooler is nestled!  This is the perfect spot for something on a smaller scale to attract the eye while grabbing a quick drink.  I presented a photograph that I had taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.  The image featured verdant greens along the banks of a glistening mountain lake.  The clients loved the image and I had it printed directly on acrylic panel (no extra framing required!).  The clear acrylic border around the image picked up the wall color from behind for a clean, seamless look.  This tiny photograph also carried the green from Glass River over to this side of the room, creating balance and helping the eye move around the space.

The conference room is now complete and ready for meetings!

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