5 Affordable Wall Decor Ideas that Should Be on Your Radar (Hint: Highlight Items You Already Own!)

Looking to fill those blank walls in your home, but don’t know where to begin?  It can be as simple as assessing what you already own and re-imagining the possibilities!  Here are 5 wall decor ideas that take your wow factor up a notch without breaking the bank!

1.  Framed Scarves

A colorful installation of twelve Hermes scarves with matching white framing creates an eye-catching art display in this ladies lounge.

I first saw this eye-catching (and standout!) wall decor display at the 2017 DC Design House in Potomac, MD.  Marika Meyer Interiors framed 12 Hermes scarves for a bright and colorful feature wall.  I love the surprise element of framing textiles instead of a photograph or a print.  The varied colors and unique designs on the scarves are grounded by the uniformity of the white, sleek frame and grid arrangement.  Want to recreate this look on a budget?  Use scarves (or even cloth napkins) that you’ve picked up on your own travels.  Want to add to your set?  Check out a local vintage shop for more great finds.  Remember that similar framing adds uniformity to the overall look.  (Click here for TONS more interior design inspiration from the 2017 DC Design House!)

2.  Woven Baskets and Bowls

Grouping of vintage woven baskets hanging as a wall art installation adds texture and earthy tones to any room.Think baskets are just for your tabletop?  Think again!  When a beautifully woven basket is displayed as wall decor, the woven textures and striking patterns take center stage.  Additionally, their natural and earthy vibe make woven baskets the perfect complement to almost any other artwork hanging in the same room.  The best part?  An amazing basket display is one of the most affordable ways to add visual interest to your walls.  This vintage set was purchased from an Etsy seller for $50!!

Looking to purchase gorgeous, hand-crafted baskets and bowls to display?  Check out…

3.  Blankets/Throws/Tapestries

A dark-stained wooden quilt hanger displays a vibrant handwoven textile in a long column in the corner of a living room.

Do you have a hand-loomed blanket, stunning wall tapestry, or phenomenal quilt?  Then you have wall decor!  Perfect for large areas, these items offer high visual impact without busting your budget.  For this couple, I wanted to bring a pop of color to the corner of their family room.  Additionally, the goal was to break up the horizontal sight line of a very long wall.  Folding this hand-loomed blanket (that they purchased while traveling) to create a vertical column was the perfect end point to this open concept first floor wall.

Looking for more info about HOW to hang a textile like a pro?  Click here for 3 Ways to Turn Your Textile in Wall Art.

4.  Musical Instruments

A display of four guitars displayed hanging next to a large abstract painting creates unique wall decor.

Why hide instruments in a closet when not in use?  Hang musical instruments of all kinds up on your wall for a fun and completely unique wall decor display.  Let visitors know you are passionate about music with this guaranteed conversation starter!  (Bonus: easy to reach when inspiration strikes for an impromptu jam session!)

Love that gorgeous abstracted landscape?  Original artwork (and statement piece!) by Virginia based artist, Laura Gunn.  (Click HERE to view more Laura Gunn Art)

5.  Pressed Botanicals

A series of four framed botanical pieces, each featuring a different type of leaf species with varied shapes and sizes on display.
Pressed botanicals add earthy tones and natural textures to this interior space.

Are you an avid gardener?  Or, perhaps just interested in bringing some of the that outdoorsy goodness inside?  Try mounting and framing a selection of pressed botanicals.  Stick to a series of leaves with interesting and varied shapes as in the image above for an understated, earthy feel.  Looking for wall decor with a pop of color?  Try pressing florals in tones that complement the tones in your room.  The possibilities are literally endless with this one!


And there you have it: five affordable wall decor ideas that you may not have considered!  Which one are you ready to try in your space?  Let me know in the comments below!


Love one (or more!) of the looks mentioned above?  Have questions about getting the design just right?  Click HERE to contact me and get started creating a “Wow!” wall in your home today!


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