2 Common Artwork Hanging Mistakes that Take Away from Your Home’s Interior Design

Is there anything more frustrating than spending a significant amount of time hanging artwork, only to step back and discover that a piece is too high?  Or way too low?  Or tilting at an angle?  These artwork hanging mistakes are eye-catching for all the wrong reasons.  Luckily, the fixes are simple and absolutely worth the time if your goal is to create a sophisticated and polished looking space.

Incorrect Artwork Placement

An artwork hanging mistake is highlighted by a large framed art print of a black and white terrier dog that is displayed too high and off-center.

When hanging artwork, getting the placement right is so important!  In a home I recently worked in, a striking large-scale, framed fine art print had been hanging too high and was not centered appropriately on the wall.  I noticed the hanging as soon as I entered this beautiful room.  It made the space feel unbalanced and drew the eye upwards, towards the corner of the wall and the ceiling.

A gorgeous light-filled lounge area showcases a row of large windows and a framed art print of a black and white terrier dog.

The Fix: By moving the piece down several inches, I brought it in line with this row of gorgeous, light-filled windows.  Because of their similar shapes, the artwork becomes a natural extension of this stunning feature.  Now, the eye flows seamlessly from one end of the room to the other.  Moreover, the piece looks anchored in the space and becomes a welcoming focal point in the room.

Visible Hanging Hardware

In the same room, this sweet little piece is displayed on the opposite wall.  Can you spot the problem?  The nail and hook are visible above the frame, a sign that this piece has not been wired properly for hanging.

An artwork hanging mistake is highlighted by the nail and hook which are clearly visible above the warm gold frame surrounding a small painting of verdant coastal landscape.

The Fix: In just a few minutes, I was able to get the piece wired securely by adding new d-rings to the back.  Now, you are able to focus on the artwork without being distracted by visible hanging hardware.

A small landscape featured in a warm gold frame provides a colorful focal point in an elegant sitting lounge with sun-filled windows.

In both cases, the fixes for these artwork hanging mistakes are simple but significant.  They signal that details matter in this home’s design and add to its elegant and refined look.    

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