Vintage Glam Holiday Decor Finds at Chartreuse and Co.

Vintage Christmas Decorations at Chartreuse and Co.

outdoor display featuring a sign with the chartreuse and company hashtag

Marylanders rejoice!  It turns out that you don’t have to go all the way to Waco, TX to channel your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines. The DC area is lucky enough to have its own treasure trove of vintage Christmas decorations at Chartreuse and Co. located in the picturesque Frederick, MD. Chartreuse and Co. is really less a place and more of an experience, which can best be described as Fixer Upper meets Flea Market Flip. Earlier this month, I grabbed my mom and decided to make the trek up 270 North in search of vintage Christmas decorations for my own home…and I was not disappointed!

What to Expect When Visiting Chartreuse and Co.

Upon arrival, there are six barns full of fabulous antique, vintage, and new wares waiting to be picked through. Lots of fun finds are also displayed outside between the barns. Different areas are occupied by individual vendors, so you will find that each space has it own unique perspective.

Vintage Architectural Elements Make Fantastic Wall Art

During my visit, I saw numerous interesting architectural elements that could be repurposed as unique wall decor. Left in their natural state or sprayed painted a bright color, these iron forms would be so striking above a mantle or interspersed with family photographs on your wall. vintage iron forms for sale at chartreuse and company

This faded emerald green sun dial also caught my eye.  It felt weathered, yet sophisticated at the same time. I could imagine it hanging in an elegant room… perhaps against walls painted navy blue? soft gold? or coral pink?

Vintage green sun dial for sale at chartreuse and company

Use Salvaged Finds to Create Interesting Holiday Displays

Chartreuse and Co. is also a haven for salvaged windows (and doors)! I saw many being used indoors as backdrops for interesting displays, especially Christmas wreaths and other greenery. I was seriously eyeing a turquoise painted window that was being sold without the glass panes. It would have made the perfect frame to display Christmas cards from family and friends… one card featured in each individual pane opening!

holiday display featuring a christmas wreath in front of salvaged window

I also loved the idea of using frames in unconventional ways for the holidays! Why not use an empty frame to display a wreath or other ornamental item?

deer head fashioned from intertwined sticks in gold frame

I definitely saw lots and lots of holiday signage!  How amazing would this one be leaning on top of a mantle with stockings hanging below?  Alas, there is no mantle in my apartment this year, but I will definitely keep this one in mind for the future!

rustic wooden christmas sign that reads, "& to all a good night"

Signs, Signs, and More Signs!

How about a few signs for any time of year?  I wanted both of these for my home, but I need a few more walls in my apartment to display new pieces!

metal laser cut sign that reads "kindly refrain from whining"

rustic wood sign that reads "you're pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever"

I also saw a lot of sweet works painted on wood boards. These panels added subtle texture and gave the paintings an earthiness. I am loving these for a rustic kitchen or family room.

The Perfect Christmas Tree for an Apartment

One more great find made out of wood boards: a Christmas tree! I could immediately imagine this tree being displayed in an apartment. This space-saving wooden design is perfect for when there isn’t enough room for a traditional tree, but you still wish to incorporate a wonderful holiday tradition. It could be leaned against a wall and decorated with mini LED light strings for a fantastic effect (and you will have the perfect place to leave wrapped presents!).

rustic christmas tree display of salvaged wood boards painted green

Welcome Guests with Vintage Christmas Decorations

So what vintage Christmas decorations did I bring home? I decided upon this lovely rustic star with simple greenery and sleigh bells and three crimson antique-looking votives. Now, it is time to add a few pieces to the display that I already owned.

First, I pulled out my sweet turkey friend (a Pottery Barn find from a few years ago) and gave him a brand new red scarf (aka a red wired ribbon). Then, I added in a few of my farm-picked white and green pumpkins that are still going strong from Halloween. Finally, I added a few extra antique-glass votives because there can never be enough twinkling lights out at this time of year!

I love how this is perfect transitional holiday decor and really keeps this area cheerful and welcoming until I am ready to pull out the rest of my Christmas items!

front hallway decorated with vintage holiday glam decor

Chartreuse and Co. is only open a few select days each month, so check the website for details before visiting. So grab your friends and have fun searching for the perfect vintage Christmas decorations! Happy treasure hunting!

What look would you like to try in your home?  Let me know in the comments below!

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