3 Artists to Get to Know Now: Lanie Mann, Anna Matthews, and Laura Deems

Considering a new piece of art for your home? Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Not to worry! Here are 3 Artists to Get to Know Now.


1.  Lanie Mann

Light and dark blues are punctuated by yellows and whites in this large abstract painting by DC artist Lanie Mann

A current #homegoal of mine??  To have a Lanie Mann abstract painting hanging in my home one day!  I love her color palette, which somehow manages to be both soft and vibrant at the same time.  Her compositions are divine.  They feel like spring eternal, as if you’re looking up at the sky through a spray of fluttering cherry blossom petals.

An abstract painting by DC artist Lanie Mann feels like spring eternal, as if you're looking up at the blue sky through a spray of fluttering cherry blossom petals.

Mann writes, “My paintings are loose and layered—purposely imperfect, and my goal is to create pieces that spark connections, ignite curiosity and make people happy.  I am an optimistic person by nature, so I want my work to be bright, uplifting and invigorating.  I think art should breathe life into every space.”

A close-up of two small paintings by abstract artist Lanie Mann, hanging one on top of the other for an exhibition in Washington DC

I first spotted Mann’s work at the 2017 DC Design HouseMarika Meyers Interiors, a full-service design firm in the DC/MD area, featured one of her paintings in this feminine space, imagined as a modern-day Lady’s Retreat.  Click HERE to view more photographs of this must-see room.

A large abstract painting by DC artist Lanie Mann is the stunning backdrop for a game table in the corner of this impeccably designed ladies' retreat.
Photo credit: Marika Meyer Interiors

Click HERE to read more about DC-based artist Lanie Mann.

2.  Anna Matthews

An installation view from a gallery opening of four abstract paintings by Anna Matthews

A painting by David Hockney that captures the moment just have someone has jumped off a diving board and entered the water, so that the view is of a big splash in the swimming pool.
A Bigger Splash

Anna Matthews is a successful DC-based interior designer, so it is no surprise that she understands what will look amazing in your home.  These versatile pieces could happily hang at a beach house by the sea or in a modern minimalist apartment (and everything in between).  Peaches and tans are accented by touches of crisp black and swimming pool blues.  Imagine if David Hockney’s A Bigger Splash had been deconstructed and reimagined as an ode to minimalism.  In these paintings, Matthews captures the cool, relaxed vibe of a hot summer day by the pool.


3.  Laura Deems

Two small abstract paintings by Laura Deems hang on white walls at a gallery exhibition.

The abstract paintings of Laura Deems grab you a bit like a Rorschach test.  Standing before her work, I found myself searching for the recognizable.  Such is the brain’s desire to identify and categorize images.  Am I staring at a Matisse-like face?  Or a Miró dreamscape?  Much like looking at clouds, the answers changed the longer I stared.  The black gestural marks are softened by their colorful backgrounds.  Thinned paint with free-form shapes give the impression of watercolor.  A natural tension exists here between strong and soft, making these pieces completely captivating.

A painting by Laura Deems reminds one of looking at a Rorschach test with its prominent black gestural markings painted against a background of softer colors.

Click HERE to read more about Charleston, SC based Laura Deems.

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Lauren Heller of Lauren Heller Art Consultant standing before three paintings at a gallery opening turns to smile at the camera.

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