Splash of Color: A Watercolor Coloring Book the Whole Family Will Love

Today, I’m sharing a new favorite art find! I recently came across the watercolor coloring book, Splash of Color, and immediately fell in love with its many pages of lush, black ink drawings. The artist behind Splash of Color is Liz Libré, a Brooklyn based mom of three and founder of the stationary line, Linda and Harriett. In her welcome to the book, she writes,

“As you color, I hope that these designs inspire you to slow down and take special note of things you may often overlook – like the pattern of a butterfly’s wing or a particular color combination you find attractive.”

In a lovely welcome message for Splash of Color, the artist Liz Libé invites us “to slow down and take special note of things you may often overlook.”

Liz, you had me at slowing down and noticing the little things that make life beautiful. Isn’t this precisely what summer is all about?

The designs in this watercolor coloring book take inspiration from nature and motifs include plant life, animal life, and recurring patterns.


Liz’s black ink line drawings are whimsical and imaginative, perfect for encouraging creative thinking in young children (and adults too!).

Why not take your easel outside? The Splash of Color painting and coloring book is full of inspiration from nature. What better place to take your paper and brushes than the great outdoors (aka the front yard)?

Reasons I Love this Watercolor Coloring Book

  • Thick paper that’s perfect for applying watercolor paint
  • Removable pages so you can easily display a finished masterpiece
  • Gorgeous designs that are fun for artists of all ages
  • An easy way to create a thoughtful gift from your kiddo – my little guy gave these to his teachers at the end of the school year
  • Watercolor painting should be relaxing and enjoyable – there are no rules and therefore, there no mistakes!
My 5 year old loves to paint. And I love ALL the pretty black ink designs in the Splash of Color painting and coloring book.

Ways to Get Extra Creative with Your Kids

  • Take your paints outside for inspiration!
  • Experiment with blending – what happens when you mix two (or more!) colors together?
  • Work with lots of materials to apply the paint – different size paint brushes are great, but don’t forget how much fun small foam rollers, q-tips, and sponges can be!
  • Vary the way your medium is applied – who says you have to touch the paper at all?! Why not try splattering the paint with a flick of the wrist? Or squirting already mixed watercolor paint through a syringe?
  • Don’t forget to have glue on hand – these pages could easily become the foundation for a gorgeous collage made up of bits of colored construction paper or tissue.
A simple palm leaf is transformed by watercolor paints. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to the creative process of adding color to paper and therefore, there are no mistakes!

Everything You Need to Get Started


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Happy painting!

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