3 Favorite Pieces of Target Wall Art

For a recent project, I was asked to style 2 walls in my client’s family room. She was getting ready to have family portraits taken and needed her walls to be the perfect backdrop. The catch? I only had 4 days to source and install the art! My go-to for that kind of quick turn around? Target wall art!

Inspired by this project, I’m sharing 3 favorite pieces of Target wall art that are available right now! Two are from this most recent client project and 1 is from my own home! 

1. (Set of 3) 12×12 in. Framed Canvas – Project 62 

Decorate your walls with this assortment of 3 framed colorful abstract paintings from Target.
These 3 abstract canvases bring a pop of color to a corner of my client’s family room.

Whether you decide to hang them vertically or horizontally, these petite canvases have so many applications. Over your bed? Yes! In a hallway? Absolutely! Part of a larger gallery wall? Perfection! They add a pop of color while also maintaining their “I can go with almost anything” status.

2. (Set of 2) 24×24 in. Perfect Land Framed Printed Canvas – Project 62

This set of 2 framed canvases from Target show an abstract landscape in a watercolor-style.
I love how the blue and gray tones in this set of framed abstract landscapes works so beautifully over my client’s gray couch.

This abstract landscape set is perfection! Its watercolor style is soft and the composition is truly serene. The cool blue and green tones worked wonderfully with my client’s gray couch.

3. (Set of 2) Tropical Palm Framed Wall Canvas – Opalhouse

The lively palm leaf print in this framed wall canvas set from Target features beautiful, bold blue and green hues.
I displayed these tropical palm canvases above the couch in my family room. I love how they anchored this larger gallery wall.

From the Opalhouse collection, this diptych (2 canvases) is perfect for filling a big wall stylishly while on a budget!

Here is a bonus installation photo because I have styled this piece over and over again from move to move! In a past apartment, I displayed them over a bookshelf.  

Two framed canvas prints hanging side by side over a bookshelf feature vibrant green and bluish tropical leaves.
These tropical palm canvases made the perfect backdrop for displaying my indoor plants!

Let Me Know…

Have a piece of Target wall art that you just love?? I want to know! Tell me which piece you purchased and why you love it in the comments below!

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