Client Project: These Kellie Lawler Black Line Figures Get Luxe Custom Framing

Hey all! For a recent client project, I sourced these stunning black line figures on paper by the artist Kellie Lawler (a native of Baltimore, MD!). She paints using a continuous line technique to create free form compositions. Lawler often finds inspiration in the human figure and in nature.

Here is a close-up of two Black Continuous Line Figures by Kellie Lawler.

I sourced these two original works on paper from the on-line art gallery, Liza Pruitt. I love scrolling her website for gorgeous artwork. The best part? When you find the perfect piece, it gets shipped right to your door!

Here I am opening up the two paintings by artist Kellie Lawler that I sourced through Liza Pruitt, an on-line art gallery!

Let’s Talk Framing

These original acrylic pieces on paper needed some gorgeous custom framing before they could be installed! The trick here was finding something that wouldn’t get lost against this fabulous leopard print wallpaper (I am in love with this wallpaper!). At the same time, I didn’t want a moulding that was overly busy and distracting. The solution? This luxe Roma moulding from the company’s “Elements” series.

This Kellie Lawler original artwork on paper has been custom framed in Roma moulding.

Let’s Talk Glass

As always, when custom framing fine art, I recommend getting a non-glare glass. For some pieces, I even recommend investing in museum glass which is both non-glare and protective from UV rays. Selecting the right glass for your framed artwork largely comes down to what is being framed and where it is being displayed.

In this instance, I didn’t have to worry about UV protection. These paper pieces are being installed in a powder room without windows (meaning that we didn’t have to worry about the sun’s rays fading or discoloring the artwork). So, non-glare glass, rather than museum glass, was perfect for this project.

Side note: non-glare glass is a little bit more expensive than regular glass, but it never disappoints! When you look at framed art, you want to see the art and not some terrible reflection. In my opinion, if the artwork is hanging near a lighting source, non-glare glass is money well spent.

Let’s Talk Installation

You can watch me install one of the pieces in this short video!

These pieces needed to be installed on two separate walls at eye level. I used the 60 inch center rule of thumb. When hanging an artwork on an otherwise empty wall, the middle of the artwork should be 60 inches from the floor. The 60 inch center approximates the average viewers’ eye level.

I love how the installation turned out! Hanging art on an otherwise empty wall? Use the 60 inch center rule of thumb to get the height just right!

One Final Look

My favorite part about this client project? This amazing peekaboo moment you get when entering the powder room. One of the Kellie Lawler black line figures is reflected in the mirror above the sink, giving the viewer a sneak peek of the beauty within.

Love this reflection that gives the viewer a little sneak peek of the artwork!

Let Me Know…

Have questions about selecting the perfect piece of art for your home?? I am now offering virtual art advisory services via FaceTime or Zoom. During a virtual “in-home” consultation, we will discuss what walls in your home need a little extra attention. We will go over your personal style, your goals for the space, and your budget. Contact me to learn more!

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