Easy DIY Framed Laundry Room Care Symbol Guide

Who needs an EASY and UNIQUE hostess or housewarming gift? What about a fun DIY gift for the holidays? I got you! I first made this laundry room care symbol guide for a client. Since then, I’ve been wanting to make one for myself (and for my mom, and for my friend who is moving!).

How many times have you stood in front of your washing machine, trying to quickly Google what the care symbol guide means on the tag of your beloved new sweater?? Time to banish all the guessing (and in a beautiful way too!).

I give you this glam DIY Framed Laundry Room Care Symbol Guide!

This Laundry Room Care Symbol Guide makes the perfect hostess or house warming gift!

Let’s Make It!

Step 1. Shop the Laundry Room Care Symbol Guide Print

Shop this INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD from PennyandHorse on Etsy (at the time of this writing, its only $6.09!).

Step 2. Save the File Size of Your Choice

Your order from PennyandHorse will include 5 digital files of high-res images in common sizes. Save the digital file that corresponds with the size print you would like to frame. For this project, I am saving the 4×5 ratio file for printing an 8×10 in. image.

Step 3. Print the Image on High Quality Paper

I like printing these kinds of projects on a high quality paper. I am using a Matte Paper Heavyweight Paper by Epson. It has a non-glare finish. It’s heavyweight and ultra smooth (perfect for craft projects and signage!).

Step 4. Shop a Favorite Ready Made Frame

For this client project, I used this gorgeous Vintage Silver Frame. Guess what? It’s a super affordable find from Michael’s Craft Store. As of this writing, the 8×10 in. size is on clearance for $11.97!!

Step 5. Assemble Your Laundry Room Care Symbol Guide

Once you have your frame and your print, it’s time to put them together! When I did this project for my client, the laundry room care symbol guide needed to be trimmed down just a bit to fit in its frame. You can watch me assemble it below! Also, if your frame has a mat, I love these See-Thru Archival Mounting Strips to keep prints and photography secure and in place.

You can watch me assemble the one that I made for my client!

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Let Me Know…

What’s your go-to hostess or house warming gift?? Let me know in the comments below!

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