Client Project: Beautiful Commissioned Painting by Christina Flowers Portrays Family’s Love

Hey all! For a recent client project, I proposed the work of DC area artist Christina Flowers. She paints using bold colors and structured compositions that nod to her original training as an architect and industrial designer. Sweeping arcs and archways intersect and are divided on the canvas into interesting free-form shapes. Above all, Flowers demonstrates a masterful understanding of the relationships between colors.

Christina Flowers’ Hope Collection

For this client project, I initially proposed Together, one of the first pieces from an on-going series by Flowers titled the Hope collection. It is inspired by ideas of connection, family, warmth, love and community.

On Instagram (@hellochristinaflowers), Flowers shared that she often hears her collectors say, “I love how each time I look at [your] artwork, I see something new. An embrace, a mother and a child, the landscape, a family, love, hope, home.” Flowers was moved by the idea that collectors could see a piece of their own story in her work.

“When an artwork becomes a part of your personal story, it becomes more than an object of beauty. It becomes a meaningful part of your home.”

Christina Flowers

Commissioning the Perfect Piece

My clients loved Flowers’ work and Together in particular. At the same time, we decided that Together, which measures 36×48 in., was slightly too big for its intended space. Ideally, we needed a painting that measured 30×40 in. I suggested that we commission Flowers to paint the perfect piece.

Flowers loved the idea of using Together as a jumping off point for a new commission. First, she sketched and proposed two new composition ideas and three color palette iterations for us to consider. Next, the clients and I discussed the options and made a final decision for the commission. Then, Flowers got to work painting based on the sketch and palette that we agreed upon. Finally, the painting was completed and shipped directly to my clients, who live outside of the DC area.

All Together by Christina Flowers

Since I wasn’t able to hang this piece personally, I was thrilled when the clients sent me this installation shot. They were beyond happy with the ease of the commission process and with their stunning new painting, titled All Together.

All Together, Christina Flowers, acrylic on canvas, 30×40 in.

Let Me Know…

Do you have questions about commissioning an artist? Love Flowers’ work as much as I do and want to learn more? I am now offering virtual art advisory services via FaceTime or Zoom to answer all of your questions. Contact me to learn more!


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