Client Project: Entryway Gets Three Gorgeous Abstract Paintings by April Leila

Hey all! For a recent client project, I was asked to find the perfect original artwork to fill three walls in my client’s gorgeous hexagonal-shaped entryway. Even though these pieces would be displayed on three individual walls, I needed to consider how they would feel as a grouping, as they would be viewed in the same space. Additionally, given the entryway’s lovely site lines throughout the first floor, any new paintings would need to work well with the existing artworks hanging in adjacent rooms. The solution? Three stunning abstract mixed media pieces by the artist April Leila.

The Artist: April Leila

Leila is influenced by the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether soaking up the sun on the beaches of Mexico (a favorite vacation destination) or in her backyard garden, she finds nature to be a huge source of inspiration.

“I learn from having people, animals, and nature around me; they give me so much for which to be thankful.”

April Leila

The Artwork: Serendipity Series

For this client project, I proposed three original works on paper from the Leila’s Serendipity Series. I sourced the artwork from the wonderful Merritt Gallery in Chevy Chase, MD. Each paper piece (measuring 16×20 in. unframed) came ready to install in elegant silver framing.

Serendipity Series, April Leila, Mixed Media on Paper, 16×20 in.
Serendipity Series, April Leila, Mixed Media on Paper, 16×20 in.
Serendipity Series, April Leila, Mixed Media on Paper, 16×20 in.

The Installation

These pieces needed to be installed on three separate walls all at the same level. The overall look is polished and absolutely elegant!

Looking in one direction, a single Serendipity painting is highlighted on the wall in between the front door area and a hallway.
Looking in the other direction, two Serendipity paintings perfectly frame a doorway.

Let Me Know…

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