Is Your Home Guest Ready? Get Inspired By This Client’s Gorgeous Original Art Collection

Last year, a client reached out about adding to their original art collection. They wanted to update the walls in their front entryway, main floor guest bathroom, and stairwell with new original artwork. They knew the day would eventually come when they could invite friends and family back over and that these spaces needed a guest ready refresh!

The challenge? These new pieces of art needed to make a great first impression, but also work well with my client’s existing original art collection.

Getting Started… The Front Entryway

First up was finding the perfect original artwork to fill three walls in my client’s gorgeous hexagonal-shaped entryway. Even though these pieces would be displayed on three individual walls, I needed to consider how they would feel as a grouping, as they would be viewed in the same space. Additionally, given the entryway’s lovely site lines throughout the first floor, any new paintings would need to work well with the existing artworks hanging in adjacent rooms.

The solution? Three stunning abstract mixed media pieces by artist April Leila.

These pieces set such a cheerful, welcoming tone in the front entryway. The bright colors of each design (blue, pink, and yellow) allow each piece to stand out, while similar abstract compositions and matching framing keeps the look pulled together. You can get a close up look at these three paintings HERE.

Next Up… The Main Floor Powder Room

As for the powder room, adding a two-toned blue figurative painting by artist Kellie Lawler creates a sweet, peek-a-boo moment when the door is open.

Two mini-framed abstracts by artist Teresa Roche complete the design.

Final Touch… The Stairwell Landing

Lastly, I added a soft abstract painting by artist Brian Coleman on the mid-level stairwell landing.
This piece has TONS of interesting texture to explore up close, and its neutral gray tones complement everything else in the space.

This guest ready refresh turned out beautifully! I’m so excited for my client and all the gorgeous new additions to their art collection!


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