Unique Wall Art Ideas to Bring Style to Your Home: A Roundup from 2021

Are you looking for that perfect piece of unique wall art to transform your space? Get ready for 10 of my favorite art moments from 2021 to give you all the inspiration you need!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I just want to say THANK YOU so much to all of my clients who invited me into their homes last year! I am so grateful to have worked with each and every one of you!

Without further ado, here are a few STANDOUT moments from 2021 that continue to inspire me – as I hope they will for you, too!

10. The One At The Restaurant…

In 2021, Lauren Heller Art Consultant installed 14 limited edition fine art prints at the newest location of Gregorio’s Trattoria.

This restaurant project kicked off 2021 for Lauren Heller Art Consultant! I selected and installed 14 limited edition fine art prints for the newest location of Gregorio’s Trattoria in Bethesda, MD.  The best part? All of the artworks used in this project can be shopped on-line. Get all the details about the restaurant project HERE.

9. The One That Stood Out From The Rest (And Off The Wall)…

Fine Art Glass installation by Kimberly Young

When a client asked me how to bring a pop of color to the curved wall of her staircase, I knew we had to think outside the [canvas] box. The solution? This gorgeous fine art glass by artist Kimberly Young. With designs offered in a variety of colors and three different sizes, these installations are completely customizable. These glass plates also stand off the wall, making them ideal for a curved space.

8. The One That Is A Contemporary Art Collector’s Dream…

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Christina Flowers
Together 11 by April Midkiff
Christopher Street, NYC by Xan Padron
Antwerp by Station 28.5
Polka Daubs by Anne Marie Coolick

This client had just finished a major renovation of his Washington, DC home and was ready to acquire a few new pieces of original art. As someone who loves contemporary art, being able to curate this collection was an absolute dream. Get all the details about this client’s showstopping contemporary art collection HERE.

7. The One That Brought The Outdoors In…

Up River by Martha Spak

For this project, we filled a large empty wall in my client’s family room with a fantastic landscape by DC area artist Martha Spak. This 36×48 in. original painting, titled Up River, is the perfect size to display above a comfy, family-sized sofa. A gorgeous custom floater frame completed this stunning look! Get all the details about this contemporary coastal painting HERE.

6. The One That Gave Us Ina Garten Dinner Party Vibes…

Lemons on Blue and White Table by Laura Lacambra Shubert

Is there anything more classic than a blue and white moment? What about adding a touch of cheery yellow? This piece instantly brightened the dining area of this client’s open concept kitchen. Moreover, with its air of effortless chic (or is it casual elegance?? I can’t decide!), this painting embodies dinner party goals.

5. The One Whose Name Said It All…

Oasis by Megan Elizabeth

Created during COVID, this painting by artist Megan Elizabeth is titled Oasis (which is really what we all needed this year). It was the perfect piece for this large wall in my client’s family room. Oasis measures 48×72 in. and is the focal point of this great room!

4. The One That Got A Dining Room Ready For The Holidays…

Three new pieces of original art completed this Bethesda, MD dining room.
Field and Oak II by Lenn Hopkins
Friends 1 & 2 by Josie Azuma

This client came to the me just before the holidays asking for help finding the right art for her empty dining room walls. She had a gorgeous neutral palette going on in the space that I wanted to complement with soft toned artwork. These three pieces added visual interest without overpowering the space (plus, I love mixing and matching different types of compositions – like two abstracts with a landscape!).

3. The One That Brought Color To The Corners…

Untitled (color series) by Martha Spak
Untitled (color series) by Martha Spak

What’s the best antidote to a hectic holiday season? ⁣A quiet little nook for you to relax, read, and recharge!⁣ Just before the holidays, I helped this client find the perfect pieces for two corners in her elegant lounge.⁣ The main wall in this room is a bank of floor to ceiling windows, so we needed to be strategic with our art placement. These abstract paintings are the perfect size for a slim wall space and add a pop of bright color to the room’s palette of golden neutrals.

2. The One Over That Knockout Blue Sofa…

No. 137 by Tom Walsh
Detail of No. 137

This client had recently completed a MAJOR renovation of their amazing DC rowhome.⁣⁣ Once the last cabinet was installed and the paint was officially dry, they called me in to help place their existing wall decor. I also selected this stunning work by DC area artist Tom Walsh as a statement piece for their family room.⁣⁣

1. The One That We Added To Our Family Room…

Impression by Alexandra Squire

That’s right! This year, we added this striking piece by Alexandra Squire to our family room. The blue tied in perfectly with other touches of blue we have in our home. And I love that we went with a vertical piece over the sofa instead of horizontal. It’s unexpected and adds a bit of drama to the space!


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