Take A Peek At This Client’s Showstopping Contemporary Art Collection

Have you just finished a major renovation?

Not sure where your current wall decor should be placed?

Are you ready to acquire a few new pieces of original art for your newly designed space?

That’s the story behind this showstopper of a contemporary art collection! Check out the 5 pieces of original art that I curated for this client’s newly renovated home in Washington, DC. Plus don’t miss the 3 spaces where I installed his existing wall art!

A Fun and Fabulous Contemporary Art Collection

1. Together 11 by April Midkiff

2. Polka Daubs by Anne Marie Coolick

3. Antwerp by Station 28.5

4. Christopher Street, NYC by Xan Padron

5. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Christina Flowers

Plus, The Perfect Placement for This Client’s Existing Pieces

1. The Home Office

2. Over the Mantel

3. In the Dining Room

Now, It’s Your Turn! Let’s Build Your Dream Contemporary Art Collection

Are you ready to purchase a new piece of art for your home, but don’t know where to begin? 

No time to search on-line or head to a local gallery? 

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Let me take the stress out of determining the perfect size artwork for your space and sourcing pieces that you will absolutely love. Contact me today to get more information!

Want To Learn More About My Art Advisory Process?

Check out my Step-By-Step Guide to Working With Lauren Heller Art Consultant. And of course, have fun browsing the client projects that I have highlighted on the site!


  1. Mary Ranta says:

    I had no idea these were all for one client – I love them all but the polka dots are my favorite. All are very different from his existing pieces.

    1. lhfac says:

      Yes, this was such a fun project to work on! The client and I built a stunning contemporary art collection for his newly remodeled space! I really love how you can take disparate types of art and still have it all “make sense” within a collection as a whole.

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