Artist Alexandra Squire Shines With Structured – Her Latest Collection of Resin Coated Paintings

Considering a new piece of art for your home or office? Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Not to worry! Alexandra Squire is an Artist to Get to Know Now.

DC Area Artist Alexandra Squire

DC area artist Alexandra Squire

Meet Alexandra! She is an abstract painter and artist based out of Bethesda, MD. Alexandra is known for her richly layered compositions and her expert pairing of vibrant shades with muted tones. Influenced by Mark Rothko and Helene Herzbrun, Alexandra understands how to use and blend colors to create depth in her paintings.

Alexandra’s compositions are often an exercise in patience and precision. Her process of blending paint is organic and cannot be rushed, which the artist says is an apt metaphor for personal growth and life itself.

The power of minimalist art comes from its ability to be open to interpretation. 

Alexandra Squire

The New Collection: Structured

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know how excited I was to get a first look at her newest art collection, Structured. Check out this Reel from my visit!

Many of the pieces from Structured – though not all – are coated in resin, a highly viscous, clear substance that when dry, gives the pieces a thick glossy coating. As any artist who has worked with resin will tell you, this substance is seriously tricky to get right. Temperature sensitive and prone to air bubbles, resin takes time and practice to master. Not to mention, the PPE that you have to wear while working with it!

Additionally, after every coating of resin, Alexandra has to sand and clean the layer. And each piece requires multiple layers of resin! This sanding process is crucial to achieving the clear, high gloss shine of the finished top coat.

Lucky for us, Alexandra has perfected the technique and is sharing this amazing collection as a result!!⁣

Just Announced: The Minis

Did I mention that Alexandra has now added a mini series to her Structured collection?! That’s right! Each of these minis measures 6x6x2 in. Just like her bigger compositions, each mini is painted and covered with multiple coats of resin (remember, that’s a lot of sanding!). But in the end, she says, creating these little gems is so worth it.

They are going LIVE on her site for purchase October 12th!!

Follow Alexandra Squire

Make sure to follow Alexandra on Instagram @alexandrasquireart! You can also check out all of the currently available paintings on her site.

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