You Will Love These Hand Painted Holiday Ornaments by Female Artists

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that I did my first ever GIVEAWAY this year! I partnered with my friend Emily (@ehj_creative) and some of our favorite female artists to give away some amazing handcrafted holiday ornaments!! The contest may be over, but don’t worry! You can still follow and shop all of these fantastic artists!!

1. Amanda Tucker

Holiday Ornament from Amanda Tucker’s Mama Series

If you follow the Instagram art community in any capacity, you’ve likely seen Amanda’s Mama series before. Many of her recent works are studying the journey through life as a woman from fertility to postpartum and her relationship with her body. In addition to her Mamas, Amanda is known for her beautiful faces and study of the female form.
Follow her on Instagram: @amandaryantucker

Shop her latest artwork:

2. Christina Flowers

Holiday Ornament by Christina Flowers

If you love bright and beautiful colors then you will love the work of Christina Flowers. Trained first as an architect and industrial designer, Christina approaches her work with structure and rhythm. Bold colors and forms are a constant in her artwork. Check out this gorgeous commissioned work on canvas that Christina painted for my client!

Follow her on Instagram: @hellochristinaflowers

Shop her latest artwork:

3. Brooke Lancaster

Holiday Ornament by Brooke Lancaster

It’s hard to tell what’s brighter… Brooke Lancaster’s smile or her color palettes! Her contagious optimism shines through in her paintings. Her recent work featuring geometric shapes is absolutely eye-catching!! Brooke pushes herself to create something every day and can always be seen with a sketchbook in hand.

Follow her on Instagram: @brookelancasterart

Shop her latest work:

4. Liza Hathaway Matthews

Holiday Ornaments by Liza Hathaway Matthews

Liza Hathaway Matthews lives in Maryland and is a contemporary abstract artist and textile designer. I first saw her work on display at the 2017 DC Design House. Her wallpapers and fabrics are as lovely as her paintings, when she can keep them in stock! If you are looking for an amazing gift, her acrylic abstract blocks make perfect bookends and we would definitely be happy to serve tea on one of her trays.⁣

Follow her on Instagram: @lizahathawaymatthews

Shop her latest work:

5. Andreina Bates

Holiday Ornament by Andreina Bates

Born in Venezuela, Andreina Bates spent many years living in Florida before recently relocating with her husband and twin boys to Asheville, NC. She is an expressionist artist, known for her Sumi-E — a painting process that involves using black ink in a range of gradations. Zen monks brought the process to Japan and Andreina was fortunate to learn the technique from her father. Check out this gorgeous Sumi-E painting by Andreina that I sourced for a client project!

Follow her on Instagram: @byandreina

Shop her latest work:

6. Meg Britten

Holiday Ornament by Meg Britten

Meg Britten is a mixed media artist, whose style is colorful, illustrative, and absolutely charming! From silhouettes to abstracts, still life pieces and cut paper collages, Meg has a beautiful way of capturing a wide range of subjects. She has been painting/creating/cutting/ assembling for as long as she can remember.

Follow her on Instagram: @megbrittenart

Shop her latest work:

7. Tara Andris

Holiday Ornament by Tara Andris

Tara is a Maryland-based artist and grew up wandering through museums and galleries with her mom. She went on to study art history in college and has been running her business since 2006. She is known for painting clouds and skies over metal (i.e. gold and silver) leaf. The texture and shimmery reflection in her work is absolutely STUNNING!!

Follow her on Instagram: @taraandrisart

Shop her latest work:

8. Mitchell Ammons Walters

Holiday Ornament by Mitchell Ammons Walters

If you look at Mitchell’s work, you are likely to be awed by her high contrast compositions, gold touches, and masterful use of watercolors. Delicate brushwork is evident in everything from her striking ballerinas to her sweet angels and nativity figures.

Follow her on Instagram: @mitchellfineart

Shop her latest work:

9. Megan Elizabeth

Holiday Ornament by Megan Elizabeth (in a Framebridge Ornament Frame!)

Megan Elizabeth is known for her serene ocean series, vibrant petal works, and cheerful rainbows. Her artwork is all about experimentation and curiosity. She pulls inspiration from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature, and the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. Regular readers of my blog may recall that I featured her in my Artist To Get to Know Now series!

Follow her on Instagram: @artbymegan

Shop her latest work:

10. Whitney Rahim

Holiday Ornament by Whitney Rahim

“Happy things for your walls” is how Whitney Rahim describes her work. Always refining her style, Whitney loves to play with new techniques. Recently she has been working on some very cool wax paper collages.⁣ This year, Whitney created several different gorgeous ornament styles, as well as mini nativity paintings that would make lovely gifts!

Follow her on Instagram:

Shop her latest work:

11. Kasey O’Boyle

Holiday Ornament by Kasey O’Boyle

Kasey started her training as a painter at @yellowbarnstudio when she was in high school and trained under Walt Bartman who encouraged her to express what was in her head. You will love the bright colors that appear in many of her works. If you live in DC, look around for her murals and other large installations. They are spectacular!!

Follow her on Instagram: @kaseyoboyle

Shop her latest work:

12. Erin Friedman

Holiday Ornament by Erin Friedman

Erin Friedman is an abstract artist living and working just outside of Washington, DC in Bethesda, Maryland. She also teaches Big Messy Art classes for children. I love the organic colors and shapes in Erin’s work! She is currently working on a commission basis (reach out to her for more details about commissioning a painting!).

Follow her on Instagram: @erinfriedmanart

See her latest work:

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