Client Project: 4 Modern Framing Ideas for Contemporary Artwork

Hey all! Looking for modern framing ideas? For a recent local project, I worked with a client on 4 framing projects. This artwork was already a part of the client’s collection, but each piece needed framing before it could be displayed. Check out these Before & After photos!

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4 Modern Framing Ideas

1. Before

This solid Walnut wood frame’s deep tones and plentiful variation are enhanced by its natural matte wax finish. A rustic wood in a modern gallery profile makes for a perfectly unique art or picture frame. ~Framebridge

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By floating this piece, the edges of the paper remain visible. The artwork rests on top of the perfect shade of off-white matting.

2. Before

This is the same gorgeous Walnut moulding described in the first project.

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Oversized white matting emphasizes the square composition and gives this colorful piece a dramatic look.

3. Before

The blonde tones of this natural wood floater frame perfectly compliment the light colors in this painting. Note: Before framing, the canvas needs to be stretched across stretcher bars.


By not touching the sides of the stretched canvas, a floater frame creates the illusion that the artwork is floating within the frame.

4. Before

This solid Cherry wood frame’s natural variation is plentiful—its rich tones range from a light red to a true blonde—and its sweeping grain is brought out by a matte wax finish. The thin profile and warm color makes it a perfect choice for art and photos (especially ones with green)! ~Framebridge

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White matting completes this clean and contemporary look!

Looking for More Modern Framing Ideas for Contemporary Artwork?

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  1. Nancy says:

    It’s truly incredible how the matting and framing transform the look of the artwork.

    1. lhfac says:

      Absolutely! Selecting the right framing for an artwork is so important!

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