Glitter Enthusiast Artist Channels Her IVF Journey Into the Creation of Stunning + Meaningful Paintings

Considering a new piece of art for your home or office? Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Not to worry! Jamie Kushner Blicher (of Glitter Enthusiast) is an Artist to Get to Know Now.

DC Area Artist Jamie Kushner Blicher

DC Area Artist Jamie Kushner Blicher of Glitter Enthusiast

Meet Jamie! She’s the artist behind the creative powerhouse known as Glitter Enthusiast! Jamie is a self-taught artist and has been drawn to creative media for as long as she can remember. In 2016, Jamie was going through the In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) process. One day, surrounded by “too many IVF needles,” Jamie decided to grab a sterile one and pump it full of ink. She then pressed all of the liquid out onto a nearby canvas in a satisfying release of so many pent up emotions.

I’m Jamie and my favorite color is Rainbow-Glitter-Unicorn-Mermaid. It’s a Pantone color…I swear!” ~Jamie Kushner Blicher

Jamie started to share this new art process – ink being applied to paper via sterile IVF needles – on social media as a welcome distraction from her “all-encompassing” fertility treatments. What she could never have guessed? The amazing outpouring of support and encouragement that she would receive for both her IVF journey and her beautiful works of art.

Jamie is now the proud mother of twin boys, but the original inspiration behind her artwork lives on. Today, Glitter Enthusiast’s mission is “to educate, support, and empower all women, but especially the 1 in 4 who are going through their own infertility journey.”

The Glitter Enthusiast Team

Jamie Kushner Blicher (artist) and Ashley Fisher (chief creative officer) make up the Glitter Enthusiast team.

In 2020, Ashley Fisher joined Glitter Enthusiast as Chief Creative Officer. Ashley professionally photographs all of the artwork and has been instrumental to the introduction of Glitter Goods. What are Glitter Goods you ask? All of the fun products that you can shop with Jamie’s designs on them. Cute masks, stylish headbands, chic pillows… all with Jamie’s signature abstract and IVF positive (think rainbows!) compositions.

Glitter Enthusiast Art Installations

Interested in an original painting by Jamie? She’s currently working on a commission basis (you can request a commission HERE). Check out some of her recent commissioned paintings, including one that I had the pleasure of getting framed for a client!

This round series by Glitter Enthusiast makes a fun statement down a long hallway.
Love the jewel tones in this pair!
And here is the commission that I had custom framed for a recent client project!

Shop Glitter Enthusiast Prints

On the Glitter Enthusiast site, you can also shop a number of framed and unframed prints. Check out these featured prints (click on the links below each image to Shop).

Harper print on plexiglass – available in multiple sizes
Ginger print on plexiglass – available in multiple sizes
Rainbow print on paper – framed

Shop Glitter Goods

Those cute masks and stylish headbands I mentioned before? Check them out here (and click on the links below each image to Shop)!

Top Knot Headband 4 Pack
Shop All Masks

Follow the Artist

Make sure to follow Jamie and Ashley on Instagram @glitterenthusiast! Also, you don’t want to miss their Instagram Reels which show tons of process videos!

Let’s Work Together

Ready to hang an original piece of art in your home? Not sure if a piece needs framing? Hesitant about picking the right size fine art print? Let’s work together! Contact me today to get started!


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