Client Project: Framebridge Gallery Wall Wows in Dining Room

Hey all! Who could use some WOW! wall art inspiration right now?! For a recent project, I worked with a client who had a BIG empty wall in her dining room. Like seriously BIG! We had over 150 inches to play with width-wise here. She also had an AMAZING idea about what to do with all that prime wall space!! The result??? A custom Framebridge gallery wall for the ages!!

Before: The Wall Space

Before: This wall in my client’s dining room measures over 150 in. wide.

Located in the client’s open-plan kitchen and dining room, this large space had the potential to be a show-stopping focal point. Our creative inspiration? A past trip that the client and her husband took to Paris, France. The client’s husband had snapped some gorgeous black and white photographs of iconic landmarks from around the city. And here, in their DC area dining room, was the perfect place to finally display them!

For this project, I helped the client…

  • select which of the photographs to display.
  • decide on a gallery wall design that would best suit their style and wall space.
  • pick the perfect framing to show off these amazing photographs.

Additionally, since this client lives in the DC area, I was able to personally deliver and install the gallery wall.

After: The Framebridge Gallery Wall

After: This custom designed Framebridge gallery wall works perfectly in the space!

The starting point for this gallery wall design is The Vertical Triptych by Framebridge. Perfect for showing off your favorite vertical art or photography, this triptych features oversized white matting and a slim, contemporary black frame. Available in two sizes, we went with the “King,” which has overall dimensions measuring 76 in. x 34 in.

Hang it above a sofa or bed, down a hallway, or on a totally blank wall—Triptychs actually look perfect anywhere.


If you’re thinking to yourself, but wait… this gallery wall has five pieces, not three! That’s right… we added in two additional coordinating single frames. The overall size of this custom gallery wall measures 148 in. x 34 in.!!

Before & After

What a difference!!! And did I mention that this project was a surprise gift for my client’s husband??? He LOVED it!! Don’t miss watching my IG Reel of the installation for this client project!

Bonus Installation: A Quick + Easy Mixtiles Gallery Wall

After I finished installing the Framebridge gallery wall, I headed downstairs to hang my first ever Mixtiles gallery wall. Have you heard of Mixtiles? They are an easy way to turn your photos in wall art (and they are super easy to install!). There’s just a little strip of sticky tape at the top of each one. They don’t use any glass or plexiglass, so they are light weight. The best part?? You can just peel them off and restick them if you want or need to change up the placement.

These are Mixtiles – a quick and easy way to get family photos up on your wall!


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